This is the short version. I was an athlete in childhood and high school sports and I played collegiate golf with no junior career at all. I have always been capable of moving and moving well, but as I grew older I developed a medical condition that really affected my performance and body. In 2010, I had my entire large intestine removed so that I could have the best possible life under the circumstances. During that time I weighed 132 lbs. fully clothed.


My uncle had his first heart attack around that same time and we decided to change. We decided to get stronger. Well, that decision for me meant being bigger, a lot bigger. I primarily trained as a power lifter and the weight on the bar was far more important to me than my waistline. I eventually, over the next few years, got to wear the big boy pants weighing in at 250 lbs.

As you can imagine things changed being overweight. I felt horrible and all the other clichés people used. The point is, when I opened True Glass I needed to change. Being a business owner pulls you in so many directions and demands more from you than I can write about.

I wanted control. Control over my logo, my brand, my services, and my life. It is pretty difficult to provide quality window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing while needing 10 breaks on a 2-hour job. Physical fitness has and is playing a huge role in my growth as a business owner. When you’ve started something from the ground up and have multiple responsibilities and still manage to get in your training while the rest of the working class complains about not having enough time you are empowering yourself. You are becoming something, someone better. I am currently down to 196 lbs., and will get to my goal of 180 soon. Here is how I am doing it and how all of you hustlers, owners, and entrepreneurs can as well.


My degree is far from this field, so I won’t pretend to be an expert. Eat the best you can! Get as many quality calories as you can. Clearly, an avocado is more substantial than a pop tart, but lets be serious, I have eaten more gas station hot dogs than

I can count. These things happen. A business lunch that doesn’t offer your favorite gluten free snack, better not stop you from eating and closing that deal. Just remember its has been and always will be calories in vs. calories out. So….


Bodyweight training is the most user friendly, productive, and mobile workouts you’ve got. Bodyweight movements have a modification for almost every level of fitness. Can’t do a regular pushup? Use your knees and get in the work. Oh, you can do 50 pushups non-stop. Now

do them with a decline, or a clap added. Bodyweight goes with you on your next flight. It’s also available in your next overnight hotel stay. Simply be active and use what you’ve got.


This is my current training routine. It is done for 10 reps per exercise and once all are finished that’s one set of approximately 100 reps. I do 3 sets totaling 300 reps on the weekdays and 400-500 reps on the weekend sessions. The only goal here is strength and progress. I want to be better this week than I was the last. Whenever a modification gets too easy, make it harder and


  1. Assisted pull-ups 3 sec hold at the top
  2. Jump Squats
  3. Pushups
  4. Chair Dips
  5. Assisted pull-ups again
  6. Ab rollouts (planks can work)
  7. Slick Bridge
    1. This is done by lying on your back and getting in a bridge (feet on the ground, butt in the air) and sliding your feet back and forth. You need socks and a slick surface. I am currently using cardboard boxes.
  8. Diamond Pushups
  9. Pull-up holds at the bottom starting pull position for 30 sec
  10. Ab Scissor kicks or Flutter kicks 30 sec


We all have tremendous potential, far more than we realize. I started True Glass because I KNEW I had more to give. The training is an extension of that. I do not want to look back and have the “what if” moments. I doubt any person stops loving and providing for their families because they have a new small business venture, your health is the same. Family is just one more part to the great whole that makes you who you are. Fitness is a part as well. Make the time. Make the commitment. Make the sacrifice. Make your potentials your reality. God Bless

3 Tips to Becoming Your Own Boss

1. Self-Awareness

This is the number one ability you must have in order to be your own boss. Allow me to clarify that; self-awareness is essential if you want to be successful at being your own boss. I personally have always been very self-aware; even now, I have childhood memories that I still dwell on. What could I have done differently, or better? Why did I even do it in the first place? What does that say about me? I can go on forever. The point is, if you don’t have a firm grasp on who you are and what defines you, it is next to impossible to choose the right business venture where you can thrive.

You do have a second option if you’re not the most self-aware person, stay away from “yes men.” You need people around you that will tell you you’re egotistical, unorganized, pushy, and demanding. These people will also let you know that you’re kind, driven, and compassionate. Choose your inner circle wisely.

Here is an easy way to get the self-awareness point across. Imagine a zookeeper not having the proper knowledge of their animals and putting the penguins on the highest perches with the other birds. I’m no expert, but I do not believe the penguins will have the greatest success in terms of flight. Getting a clearer picture of the importance of self-awareness?

2. Doubling Down

If you’ve gotten a solid handle on the 1st step, it makes the next so much easier. When you know without a doubt just who you are and what your capable of, double down on your strengths. Actually, double down on it all: marketing, budget, sales, patience, everything!

In my opinion, the most important thing to go all in on is FAITH. If you’re not religious, go with positivity or self-belief. It does not matter what you call it. You will need it and need it in abundance. I am nowhere near my goals in business and it depends on whom you talk to if I would be viewed as successful. I can tell you that when you have so much riding on your future, any bump in the road leads to doubts. Double down on patience. Double down on faith.

3. Exit Strategy

Having a plan B does nothing but take away from plan A. I don’t know who said this, but I generally believe it to be true. However, going into anything in life without knowing where the exits are is bad news. Make a plan for failure. If you get to this dollar amount in savings, turn your full time gig, part time. When you hit the determined low point find investors. The point is every boss eventually retires; you and I are no different. The business cannot take you and your family down with it. The key is to not live in fear. First set your limits, and then forget they exist. All of your energy should still be on betting on yourself to win! Just don’t be foolish enough to think failure is beneath you. With proper planning failure is temporary. It becomes a chance to stop and reevaluate yourself, your goals, and your work ethic.

Small Business Motivation

I find it amazing at how many times in my life both business and personal, that I needed permission to simply go and do something. A pat on the back is always nice, but it isn’t needed to prosper. My personal small business motivation came from Gary Vaynerchuk.READ MORE


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It’s a very simple question with some potentially expensive answers. The easiest place to start is by first explaining why gutters are used at all and what purposes they serve. The main role of gutters is to usher water away from the base of the house where it’s likely to collect and find it’s way inside the foundation. There are also several other ways gutters protect your home, including:



window washing Augusta, GAI’ve seen on several sites about how the average person can clean their own windows with at home products, now this seems awesome at first. I love DIY and saving as much as the next person, but be careful of who and what you listen to.



I recently got a call from a man needing his gutters unclogged and an estimate on getting his windows cleaned. When I arrived at his house I noticed he wasn’t home even though it was fairly early. It wasn’t to long before he called and let me know that he was just around the corner and would be arriving shortly.